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QUOTE+ members who are captive and formerly captive agents, you are eligible to start your free 90-day QUOTE+ Market Access trial today. We encourage you to review this website to learn more about QUOTE+ Market Access, so you can start growing your book of business.
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For additional questions, please contact QUOTE+:

Name: Nicolette Bowman

Phone: (703)-659-8472

Email: nicolettebo@pianet.org

Changes to PIA Market Access Program
This is your new QUOTE+ Market Access program. If you are a
current PIA Market Access Program member, your login
credentials, commissions and fees all remain the same. As before,
your credentials will give you access for rating, policy sales and
policy servicing.
If you are not a current member, welcome, and we would love for
you to schedule a demo with us so you can see how this Market
Access program works. Click here to Schedule a Demo
or email us at membership@insurezone.com.


The QUOTE+ Market Access Program is a wholesale market access program for QUOTE+ members, provided through partnership with InsureZone.

The QUOTE+ Market Access platform provides members with the industry’s best sales workflow management tool. Our comparative rating tool, for personal and commercial lines, features a secure single-entry multi-carrier quoting platform. As a result, we return real-time quotes from national and specialty carriers, in order to save you time while making the sale. With the QUOTE+ Market Access Program, independent insurance agents are able to provide coverage and carrier options in the time frame clients have come to expect.


  • Membership Services
    "Melissa was tremendous at guiding me through the process of obtaining a non-resident license for Maine so I could obtain a much-needed quote."

    - LL

  • Service Department
    "Thank you for going the extra mile in assisting us with our clients. Always doing what you can to help expedite the service process. We really appreciate it!"

    - Elliott

  • Underwriting
    "This is my first week with InsureZone we were able to write our first account on the first day, the next day we had a binder and Id Cards. Your Service Rocks!"

    - rlsamdsgrp

  • Service Department
    "Your entire service department works very hard, quick and responsible and always to help the agents close the accounts. You continue to provide good care and excellent communication to make agents feel they have directly and certainly connection with carriers."

    - Jenny

  • Commercial: Underwriting
    "I want to sincerely recognize and thank Reina Guzman for the hard work and assistance she provided us with placing a new policy, $182,104 in annual premium! Working personally with my insured and the carrier to secure the large down payment required also meant a lot to our new customer, who sent me a text message to tell me what a great person Reina was and a pleasure to work with. She assisted in completing the policy and made sure we received the policy documents at 7 PM EST. Thank you Reina!!

    I don't know where we would be at this point without the fantastic staff at InsureZone, and it is definitely a reflection of your staff. I consider them all business partners."

    - Jim

  • Membership Services
    "As a new member coming on board, I had a lot of questions. Melissa answered all my concerns, very professional and courteous to work with. She is an Asset to your organization! Thanks for all your help!"

    - Melanie

  • Personal Lines: Underwriting
    "Alexis went above and beyond to assist me by answering my questions and my numerous telephone calls. She’s always kind and courteous and extremely helpful. My heartfelt gratitude to agent secure and to Alexis."

    - Aisling

  • Service Department
    "Chris is a magnificent CSR. She expertly guided me thru the process of cancelling a homeowners policy by asking questions to promote the right conversation to accomplish what needed to be done for my customer... She has the attitude of 'what do I need to do to get this done, done right, and done quickly'..... She also took the time to tell me about other services thru InsureZone that I could access with my membership... Checking it out!!! Thank you Chris for being the answer to all of my questions today!"

    - Sharla

  • Service Department
    "Any issue big or small, Gwen is my go to. She is amazing at what she is assigned to do and helps me and my agency with all of our questions and concerns. She is awesome!"

    - Jasmine

  • Personal Lines: Underwriting
    "Billie is ALWAYS very helpful and is a kind person to work with!! She is wonderful asset to your company!!!!!"

    - Annette

  • Service Department
    "Our company had to make a number of changes to our commercial insurance and we were under a tight deadline. Sherrie provided exceptional service -- she answered all my questions, explained insurance concepts to me in plain English, and performed her work in a lightning-fast manner. Well done!"

    - Steven

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